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MÁY BƠM MỠ PG-6013 giá rẻ

Focus on high-pressure - mandrel optimization

As a manual tool with plunger pump structure, the sectional area and working length of the core rod of the grease gun determine single outlet capacity.

The sectional area of the core rod and mechanical structure of the handle determine grease-filling pressure and facility of grease-filling operation. The outlet capacity determines working efficiency of grease-filling operation. The double-core-rod design, taking both grease-filling pressure and facility of grease-filling operation into consideration, promotes single outlet capacity to the maximum extent, with maximum pressure 12000psi. ,


Big-capacity Grease Storage – Efficiency Promotion

In the use of current grease guns, filling grease is a troublesome operation, which consumes the operator too much time. Filling grease is an indispensable auxiliary operation, so only saving time can it promote efficiency. According to statistic and analysis on grease-filling requirements, the company uses advanced ergonomic design to define the structure size of the grease storage cylinder to the degree which can guarantee sustainability of the grease-filling course and facility of the operation to the maximum extent. Especially in engineering machinery field, it can save a great amount of set-up time.

Core Rod

Core rod (plunger rod) is a core part of manual grease gun. The core rod uses top-grade 40Cr raw material, through finish turning, processing with high-precision cylindrical grinder, and three-time heat treatments, which guarantee dimensional precision and strength and make the core rod matched with cylinder sleeve perfectly, greatly promoting properties and service life of the product2.

Cylinder Sleeve The mating of the cylinder sleeve and the core rod has an influence on usability of the grease gun. The replaceable cylinder sleeve uses high-quality 45# structural steel as raw material, and its inner bore uses precision boring and honing, and three-time heat treatments, so the match rate of the cylinder sleeve and the core rod is under 5σ.

Grease Storage Cylinder and Coupling

The grease storage cylinder uses Ф62.5 seamless tube as material, with maximum outlet capacity of 900cc, and can be used sustainedly. The threaded coupling of the grease storage cylinder and the gun head uses high-strength trapezoidal thread, with more screw threads than former models, so the structural strength of the coupling strengthens noticeably.

Mechanical Structure of Handle The handle structure of the grease gun uses lever principle, so its structure size directly determines facility of operation. The product2 uses horizontal-type core rod, and the handle uses structure optimization to make radial load of the core rod smaller, which effectively reduces abrasion of the core rod. 11-time lever ratio only needs 30kg force under the condition of working pressure 8000psi.

Grease Filling and Air Exhaust

1. Open the handle to the maximum extent.

2. The grease storage cylinder, after being filled the grease, is turned 3-4 screw threads into the gun head.

3. The gun head is downward, left hand grabs the tail of the grease storage cylinder, and then the thumb presses down the bayonet lock.

4. Right hand pulls the pull rod 3-4 times repeatedly. 5. Screw up the gun head. 6. Open and close the handle repeatedly, till the grease comes out of the gun head.

Usage You need to know a lot about usage of the grease gun.

Grease Identification The main function of the grease gun is to fill proper grease into mechanical parts. The quality of the grease has an influence on service life of the filled object and the grease gun.

Grease Filling and Air Exhaust Grease filling is difficult in the operation of the grease gun. Especially for vertical-type core rod model, air exhaust is more important, which is easy to result in that the grease gun can’t be used normally.

Cleaning and Maintenance The grease gun in use must keep inner cleaning and single grease. The mixed greases and the impure grease increase the possibility of failure. In case of not using the grease gun in the long time, the grease must be removed.

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